The Games

We are discoverers. That’s why we love all sports. If sports come together in one event, it shouldn’t be a surprise that we sit up and that our inner self makes a joyful leap. Multi-sport games are events where a large variety of sports show themselves. And therefore a large variety of athletes are present and competing against each other.  We like those kind of games, because it gives us the opportunity to tell unique stories.

Off course you all know the largest sporting event in the world: the Olympic Games. In addition, there are many smaller events, which are unmistakably modeled to the Olympic Games. E.g. the World Games, the Games of the Small States of Europe, the Arctic Winter Games. Those are the events where you will find us.

Not just to cover the sport, but to tell the stories of the athletes and the event itself. Most of the time those games have their own character, soul and social-cultural-historical value. 

And of course other events are being organized just for fun: office chair racing, Man vs Horse, barrel rolling.