Out of the box

Tower running Running to the top of iconic buildings. That’s what tower runners do at big events. The Empire State Building, the Torch Doha or the 101 in Taipei. The athletes run up the stairs, trying to be the fastest. Sometimes one by one, sometimes with multiple competitors at the same time. Because it’s too heavy to run all the upward distance, sometimes walking fast is the best they can do.

Kettlebell sport Everyone who visits the gym from time to time, might recognize a kettlebell. A ball/bell with a handle on top. They have different colours, depending on the weight. A-athletes in kettlebell sport lift the heaviest type of bells, 32 kilograms per kettlebell. In official events in kettlebell sport there are several disciplines: jerk, snatch, long-cycle and a combination in duathlon or triathlon. The one with most reps in 10 minutes without letting their kettlebell touch the ground, wins. It’s not all about physical strength, competitors need to be mentally tough as well.

Dodgeball is a sport everyone knows, but few know it’s an actual sport. Most of us played it in (high)school, and then it’s done. But some form clubs an stay fanatic dodgeball players. The game is played with a so called clothball (in the USA a softer foamball is used). The purpose of dodgeball is to throw out your opponents. There are five balls in the game. Each team consists of six players. In two halfs of twenty minutes, different sets of up to three minutes are played. A set is won if all six opponents are thrown out (for 2 points) or if you have more players in the field after those three minutes (for one point). 

Casting sport comes from the fishing sport. It is practiced on fields and in stadiums and there are multiple disciplines, or events as they call them in casting, categorized in accuracy and distance. Accuracy means hitting (multiple) targets with the end of your rod, where an artificial fly is attached. Distance speaks for itself: get your line as far as you can on the field.

Highlining Considered an extreme sport, highlining might not be as dangerous as it seems. Highlining is sport where an athlete is walking on a thin line, stretched between two cliffs at great height. That’s extreme, because it is irrational to walk in the air and you need to overcome fear of heights, while balancing on a thin rope. But when you fall, you are secured and you fall on air and clouds. Highline has several disciplines such as speed, freestyle and distance. You might know slacklining, where a tightrope is stretched close to the ground, mostly between two trees in the park.

YOU.FO A new sport (developed in 2015) with a stick and rubber ring. It’s like a combination of ultimate frisbee, American football and stick sports like lacrosse, hockey and hurling. There are multiple disciplines. YOU.FO is played at the inaugural World Cup in June 2023. Teams of three (you can also agree on 4 vs 4 or 5 vs 5) passing the ring by launching it in the air with the stick. The purpose is to catch the ring in the end zone.

Mini golf Also called crazy golf. Played over 18 holes, but on artificial grass of concrete and with obstacles. Most of us know it from the seaside resorts and the holiday parks. Some of us play world championships and other big tournaments. Read about the passion of the British world champion Marc Chapman.

Racketlon Tennis, table tennis, badminton and squash in one sport. In racketlon a match consists of four sets in each sport. The player with the most points wins. If you’re into racketsports, this is a combination you might like very much. Played in different age groups.