Olympic dreams

Kitefoiling Surfing with a huge kite and a foil board. The riders are being lifted out of the water hanging beneath a kite. Because of the board with a hydrofoil, they glide above the water, sometimes developing speeds up to 70 km per hour. Fast and spectacular, that’s what kitefoiling is. It’s a race against each other in several heats, where you need to qualify for the final day: the golden fleet. Kitefoiling is as a sailing discipline part of the Olympic Games in Paris 2024.

Korfball Invented by a Dutchman at the beginning of the 20th century. Korfball has some similarities with basketball and netball, but with one big difference: it’s a mixed gender sport, played with four men and four women in one team. The goal is to score by throwing the ball in the korf (basket). There is no backboard and each player has an attacking and defending role. Korfball is part of the World Games since 1985. The Netherlands are dominating the sport, winning every single match at the World Games, being unbeaten in the sport since 1993 (the one tournament they lost was the world championship in 1991, won by Belgium).

Flag football A sport with a close connection to American football. But in flag football no tackles or blocks, it’s a non-contact variant. The tackle in flag football is to take a flag that hangs on either side of the belt of the attacking player. It is played in 5 against 5 format on small sized pitch and is a fast game. Flag football has two unique selling points. It’s inclusion, the sport is popular among girls and women, and the chances of getting heavily injured to the neck or getting brain damage are decreased, because there are no tackles allowed. The sport made it’s debut at a multi-sport event in 2022 at the World Games and is added to the Olympic Games 2028 in Los Angeles.

Beach handball 4 against 4. Extra points for pirouettes, alley oops and another spectacular goals. And off course sand and sun instead of indoor and artificial light. Beach handball has the spectacle as a unique selling point and is there to stay. The sport is represent at multi-sport events such as the Youth Olympic Games and the European Games. Next step? Yep; the Olympics. Report from the European Championship in Nazaré, Portugal.

Teqball A combination of table tennis and foot volley. Invented in an Hungarian garage. The tables on which the sport is played are bending towards the ground. Teqball is played in singles and doubles. DtG was at the world championships 2022 in Nürnberg, Germany.

Bandy Hockey on ice. With a round, pink ball. Played 11 vs 11 on an ice floor with the size of soccer field. A popular sport in for example Sweden and Russia. The sport is suffering from a war and global warming, but still has big dreams. Report from the world championships 2023 in Sweden.

Roundnet Als known as spikeball. Because that’s how it started. American Chris Ruder started the company Spikeball, the sport is called Roundnet. Played with a small, soft black-yellow ball you smash in to a net that floats above the ground. What follows is a rally similar to volleyball. Don’t let the ball touch the ground! DtG was at the world championships in Belgium.