Special Olympics World Games

At the Special Olympics athletes with intellectual disabilities compete against each other. But winning is not the only goal here. Personal growth, motivation, raising awareness, promoting an inclusive society are maybe even more important. Nearly 6000 athletes are in Berlin to show what they are capable of in sports like judo, swimming, bocce, roller skating. The motto of the Games is ‘Unbeatable together’.

European Para Championships

For the first time in history ten European championships in para sports are combined in one event. The inaugural edition of the European Para Championships is hosted by Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The intention is to organize such an event every four years, in different cities. Sports at the first edition are diverse: from judo and taekwondo to boccia and goalball, from badminton and tennis to cycling, shooting, archery and basketball.

Wheelchair tennis at the EPC 2023 at Ahoy, Rotterdam (Photo credit EPC 2023)

World Games 2022

Korfball, karate, lacrosse, canoe polo, dancing. The World Games is a multi-sport event with a diverse range of sports. A powerful event on it’s own and at the same time it could be the stepping stone towards the big one: the Olympic Games. The 2022 edition was held in Birmingham, Alabama, USA.

Games of the Small States of Europe Some countries in Europe organize their own Olympic Games, at least it feels like it. Small states like Andorra, Liechtenstein and Malta compete against each other. The 2023 edition is at Malta, an archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea. Check our stories on the special GSSE-page.

In 2019 DtG discovered the multi-sport event in Montenegro, the organizer and then ‘new’ small state. You can read three stories below. About the ambition, tennis player Vladica Babic and athlete Anita Hinriksdottir.

World Urban Games A multi-sport event for urban sports such as breakdancing, freerunning, 3×3 basketball, freestyle bmx. And a showcase festival combined with music and art. The first edition of the event was held in Budapest in 2019.

Youth Olympic Games Young athletes with an Olympic dream can already see and feel a bit what’s it at the Youth Olympic Games. Competing against each other, staying in an Olympic village and gaining experience. DtG was at the YOG in Buenos Aires, Argentina 2018.